In Home Drapery Cleaning

Do you suffer from allergies? Our in home drapery cleaning is Safe, GREEN and odorless!

Scarf Valance with Hunter Douglas Duette Shades

     "I have been installing and designing window treatments for over 25 years. I can't count how many times clients asked for care instructions for their window treatments. I really did not have a good answer. The cleaners, in many cases, shrink window treatments or they would just fall apart and without a guarantee the cleints would be out of luck.  I did alot of research and found the solution. The solution was onsite drapery cleaning, but the solvents were still in issue. Nearly all dry cleaners use a solvent that is harmful to breathe and too harsh for window treatments. So I had to dig much deeper. After considerable research and testing I found a solvent that was capable of cleaning well and safe on all fabrics. This solvent is safe to be around, GREEN and odorless. So I am so excited to offer this unique service to all in need."
Scott Remai (President)
Elegant Touch Interiors Inc.

Benefits of using our In Home Drapery Cleaning Service:

  • Our Solvent- We use a Safe, GREEN and odorless solvent (No harmful Petroleum Based Products).
  • Safe on all Fabrics- Our solvent is gentle on fabrics so there is no damage to your treatments.
  • Certified- We have extensive training at the DLI Institute (Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institue) which is the the worlds most sought after education in the dry cleaning industry.
  • Experienced- We have over 10 years of experience in this unique process.
  • Guarantee- Piece of mind that there will be no color loss, no shrinkage or loss of sizing.
  • Increases life expectancy of Window Treatments (soils break down fibers)
  • Convenience- Our service in done on site, right were they hang. (so there is no down time).
  • One stop shop- WIth us you have options after carefully accessing your window treatments we can give a quote on cleaning against quote with replacing with new.
  • Safe for Humans- It is safe for plants and animals too.


Products that we clean

  • Fabric Treatments- Drapery panels, Valances and Upholstered Cornices etc.
  • Shades- Cellular, Pleated and Honeycomb Shades.
  • Bedding-Comforters, Bedspreads, Dustruffles, Pillows and Upholstered Headboards etc.
  • Specialty Shades- Silhouettes, Luminettes, Vignettes, Pirouettes, Tenera and Allure Shades.
  • Woven Woods (natural grass and reed shades).
  • Fabric Shades- Roman, Austrian and Baloon Shades etc.
     "We were pleased with the recent cleaning of our living and dining room draperies. We had our draperies for almost 20 years and were thinking of replacing them. A friend recommended your services. We were amazed by how well the draperies cleaned and how the original colors came back. The treatment process never smelled or seemed toxic, in fact, our friend who recommended your services does have allergies, and mentioned she was in no way affected by your drapery cleaning solvent. My husband and I highly recommend your services."
Dr. and Mrs. David Wright
Pittsburgh, PA
     "Scott spent a day cleaning the window treatments in our home. He also cleaned the dust ruffles on our beds with his state-of-art procedure. The work was done efficiently, with no bother to me or my husband, and was completely odorless and non-allergenic.
Mary Anne Hanna
Howard Hanna Realty